Nature is our life-support system, and it’s in trouble.

Despite growing praise for its rewilding progress, Scotland is one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth. Scotland is ranked 212 out of 240 countries and territories for the state of its nature. Intensive management, over-exploitation, neglect and pollution have stripped our landscapes and seas of their richness of life.

The living systems on which we all depend are being eroded – undermining our access to food, fresh water and clean air; hindering our ability to lock away carbon and cope with climate breakdown’s floods, wildlife die-offs, droughts and crop failures; harming our health and wellbeing; and depriving communities of economic opportunities.

But there is hope. Scotland can lead the way as a Rewilding Nation, tackling the nature and climate crises, and creating a cascade of benefits for people. Rewilding offers our best hope of restoring health to the natural world we all depend on. It offers a chance to breathe life back into increasingly lifeless land and seas – revitalising natural processes; restoring species; enriching communities; boosting jobs and heath; and building resilience against challenges the future holds.

That's why we're calling on the Scottish Government to declare Scotland the world's first Rewilding Nation.

There are now over 150 rewilding projects across Scotland, from community woodlands to landscape-scale partnerships. Communities, charities, farmers, landowners are restoring woodlands, peatlands, wetlands, rivers and seas – and saving wildlife from red squirrels to bumblebees to wild cats. More than three-quarters of Scots support rewilding. But we need to do much more – let’s grow this groundswell of hope.

Want to take action?

Watch Why Not Scotland?, the film

Produced by SCOTLAND: The Big Picture for the Rewilding Nation campaign, Why Not Scotland? follows the journey of Flo, a young Scot concerned by the state of nature and fearful about an uncertain future. She embarks on a journey across Europe, discovering places where nature is making a spectacular comeback and revitalising human communities. Encouraged by these stories of hope and renewal, she is prompted to wonder: Why Not Scotland?

Why Not Scotland? is embarking on a nationwide screening tour in March 2024, followed by independent screenings.



Sign the Rewilding Nation Charter

The nature and climate emergencies can feel overwhelming – but we can all make a difference by uniting behind a clear message and working together.
We’re calling on everyone who shares our hopes and sense of urgency to make their voices heard. This is a moment of opportunity to create a greener, fairer Rewilding Nation we can all be proud of. 


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