Imagine a Scotland where nature is reawakened. Where the lost tapestry of Scots pine, rowan, birch, oak, and aspen that once draped itself across our hillsides is stitched back together. Where our land and seascapes teem once again with wildlife. Where nature-based enterprises support thriving communities. Where human connections to the natural world are strengthened in villages and cities.

Imagine a wilder Scotland.


A brighter future for nature & people.

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Rewilding is thinking differently.

Rewilding asks us all to recognise that we are one species among many, bound together in an intricate web of life that doesn’t recognise lines drawn on a map. Our future is tied to the atmosphere, the weather, the tides and every other living creature on the planet.


Rewilding enables wildlife to recover.

Giving nature more space in a vast, inter-connected network of flourishing habitats, will allow lost wildlife to return creating a greater abundance and diversity of life.


Rewilding secures our future.

Giving nature more freedom to revive dynamic natural processes, such as the free movement of rivers, the regeneration of forests and peatlands, natural grazing and predation, is an investment in the living systems we all rely on.


Rewilding is good for business.

Nature-rich landscapes create jobs and vibrant communities through a diverse and innovative nature-based economy, enabling people to live in some of Scotland’s most sparsely populated areas.


Rewilding makes us healthier.

People’s health and wellbeing can be transformed by spending time in wild nature. A flourishing natural world helps us all feel better and especially supports children’s physical and personal development.


Rewilding offers Scotland a brighter future.

Scotland could be a world leader in transforming its environment so that it works in all its colourful complexity, cleaning air and water, storing carbon, reducing flooding and attracting people to live, work and visit.


Our Mission

The Scottish Rewilding Alliance is a collaboration between like-minded organisations who share a mission to enable rewilding at a scale new to Scotland.

Our appraoch embraces working in partnership with landowners, communities, interest groups and government to achieve a shared agenda that shapes the landscape.

Our goal is a flourising ecosystem, supporting self-sustaining nature-based economies which secure a future for local communities.




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